Monarch butterfly on milkweed flower.
Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash

Each year we read about declining monarch populations. One main issue is habitat loss both in their summer grounds (North America) and their winter grounds (Central America). So, what can a suburban gardener or small farm do?

Yards and Gardens

Weed-killers, herbicides and pesticides, are poured at an alarming rate onto lawns. Homeowners…


Photo by Genevieve Curry on Unsplash

The holidays are here and our gardens are asleep with lots of little insects hiding under fallen leaves (that I’m sure as a “good” pollinator gardener you left out for them). But even though the outdoors will soon be under a layer of snow, we can dream and prepare for…


Sunlight coming through the top of a tree’s green leaves.
Photo by D. Jameson RAGE on Unsplash

Creating a pollinator garden requires more than simply providing pretty flowers for butterflies, bees, and moths. Beneficial insects also need places to hide, sleep, raise their young, and overwinter. In addition, both butterflies and moths require “host plants,” specific plants that their caterpillars need to grow up on. Many native…

V. Bray

Fiction writer, essayist, and poet. Author of the historical fiction book Babchi: A Love Story.

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