Does a business tool fit a creative process?

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I’ve been reading about the business concept of Return on Investment (ROI) and its application to the writer’s life to increase profit margins and define the marketability of content. According to Wikipedia, ROI is “a ratio between net income (over a period) and investment (costs resulting from an investment of some resources at a point in time).” Proponents of using ROI in the writing life claim that assigning a cost to each piece of the writing process the writer gains a clear picture of what is a cost-efficient use of time and…

How To Make Your Garden Pollinator Friendly

We know the pollinators are in trouble. From bumblebees to butterflies, insect populations are in steep decline. Even more alarming, honeybees are suffering the loss of entire hives, yet more than 100 crops grown in the US require pollination (learn more).

Although this is serious news, suburban landowners could help reverse the damage to pollinators by adopting landscape practices that support them. In the US about 40 million acres of land are devoted to turf lawns (learn more). Turf lawn grasses are not native and do not support biodiversity; in addition, they are treated heavily with chemicals, such as, pesticides…

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Writing a book is work, hard work, but the process internalized for me the steps involved, from first drafts to beta-readings to copy editors. After I finished my story, Babchi: A Love Story, however, I had no compass to point me toward self-publishing. I read everything I could find about the process and also attended some webinars; as useful as these were, nonetheless, conflicting information and the lack of step-by-step instructions limited their usefulness. …

V. Bray

Fiction writer and poet. Author of the historical fiction book Babchi: A Love Story.

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